We are a team of customer-oriented individuals working in IT and development since 1993. We design, develop and deploy software tailored to clients' specific demands in a way that ultimately meets all their business goals, expectations, and requirements.


Since 2010, we have been bringing digital conversion to small, midsize and large enterprises in banking and finance, insurance, telecommunications, healthcare, retail and education.

What we do


Developing software in a way that meets all your business goals, expectations, and requirements. Scalable Backend | Responsive Web Site | Mobile Apps.


Testing every single line of the code, allowing your software products to have a strong fighting chance in the market. QA service with Manual and Automatic tests cases.


Branding. Building interactive mockups for testing concepts. Creating UI that is both visually appealing and user-friendly.


Guiding through the entire path of crucial software development decisions — the best solution for your business.


Turning an idea into a product. Understanding the concept, distilling the vision and creating a roadmap.


Making sure your software is fully operational, accessible, and usable right from its release, and beyond.

Open Space Office
Key features

We will help you reduce uncertainty throughout the entire product life cycle thanks to:

  • Processes and project management culture — we are using various software development methodologies to work efficiently with both well-defined and vague project scope estimate

  • Planning and testing thoroughly to stay within budget and time during implementation ensure regular communication with the customer

  • Expertise: over 50% of our developers are Seniors and Leads

  • Scalability: our size enables short ramp-up time (4-6 weeks) and easy scaling up and down in line with your project’s needs

  • Professional-looking UI: your software product will look equally modern and slick across all browsers and screens

  • Elaborate architecture: ruling out performance problems and creating a stable foundation for future updates as your business grows

  • High-quality programming: we do not achieve shorter time-to-market by compromising software quality – we achieve it by way of professionalism


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Our Clients

Among our clients are medium-sized companies as well as larger concerns


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